Think Upward!

Think Upward!

Life is hard. We fall and get hurt a million times, but remember, don't stay there. Rise up. Look up. There is always hope and a future beyond where you are at. We need constant reminders to always, Think Upward! 

Like any other business, Upward Graphics went through a lot of difficulties and challenges, especially during and after the pandemic where a lot of huge businesses exploded. This ended up  killing a lot of small local businesses, even the one across the street from us. We got a bit scared and really prayed hard on how to navigate this very difficult season. We believe that in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity! We had to diversify, not only to save this company but also to help out our community to start dreaming again.

In 2022, in the middle of difficulty and chaos, a silver lining happened. I was granted American Citizenship by the country of United States of America. Of course this was not an easy journey for me. English was not my first language, first of all. So, all the paperwork, fees, difficult tests, and interviews was really a huge challenge for me. I finally got it! And at the perfect timing too!

Did this change the current status of the business? NO. However, it gave me a reason to dream again. After all, America is the land of dreams. I want to live the American Dream, and make sure that everyone around me gets to partake in it too!

I started the Think Upward slogan for my company to remind myself and my community that no matter what challenges we go through in life, we have to look and think upward to the hope that is ahead.

With this dream, I started the car giveaways, which has given two people in the community a chance to the American Dream also. Now, I aim to extend the chance of getting this dream across America while spreading positive and encouraging messages through apparel. 

Be a part of this positive campaign of spreading encouraging messages through apparel by purchasing through our webstore.... AND MAYBE, you too can get a chance to win the $100k giveaway from our partner company Shared Sweeps, LLC. Visit our website at

Thanks, and THINK UPWARD!

Mal Dela Pena

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