About Us

Think Upward is an apparel company of Upward Graphics LLC that promotes positive and uplifting messages in this chaotic and confused world. It is run and operated by Mal Dela Pena, an immigrant from the Philippines that took a chance to chase the American Dream here in the United States.


He has been screen printing and running his own business since 2007 back in the Philippines. As soon as he migrated to the United States in 2016, he worked his way up from a regular screen printer to a production manager within 2 years. He used that time to gain experience and leverage to finally start his own company again, now in the land of dreams, the United States. He started as DBA Custom Shirts CNY in 2018 and a year later, established the company into Upward Graphics LLC.


Like any other business, it went through a lot of difficulties and challenges, especially during and after the pandemic where a lot of huge businesses exploded which ended up killing a lot of small local businesses. In the midst of this difficulty, Mal had to diversify, not only to save his company but also to help out his community to start dreaming again. Upward Graphics has been active helping local non-profit organizations that are involved in assisting women who are recovering from drug addiction and homelessness. He started the "Think Upward" slogan for his company to remind himself and his community that no matter what challenges life may throw, we have to look and Think Upward to the hope that is ahead.


With this dream, he started the car giveaways, which has given two people in the community a chance to the American Dream also. Now, he aims to extend the chance of getting this dream across America while spreading positive and encouraging messages through apparel.


In 2023, Mal became a US Citizen. He believes that pursuing the American Dreams must be done in legal and right way. As he always say, you can’t go wrong in doing right! THINK UPWARD!